Questions Exchanges and Returns

1 – I returned a product. When will I receive a refund for my products?

Too bad you weren't happy with your purchase. If the return process has already been carried out, as soon as your purchase is received by our team, you will be informed of the date on which the refund authorization will be carried out. This refund may vary according to the payment method used for the purchase.

Was it not clear? We explain the details to you =D

If you paid for the purchase using your credit card , the reversal will be authorized on your credit card, which will be processed by the MERCADO PAGO operator, which will enter the credit on your next invoice. If you made the purchase by paying with a bank slip or transfer , you will receive an email from the MERCADO PAGO operator that will ask for your bank details to make the direct deposit into your account (:

We emphasize that this refund operation is carried out by our partner, the operator MERCADO PAGO.

2 – I have already received the refund for the products, but I have not yet received the amounts for return shipping. When and how do I receive this refund?

Rest assured! At this stage, we should already have your bank details and proof of payment for the return PAC. We will send you the date of the payment schedule in your email to make this refund. This procedure is carried out directly by the financial department of Café Raiz and, when provided, you will receive the deposit receipt in your email.

Note : The return of the item(s) to the REMEDY will be at the expense of the PURCHASER, if it is verified that the item(s) are in perfect condition and with their respective labels and packaging, the value of the item(s) ) item(s) will be returned to the PURCHASER via bank deposit. The exchange will be valid up to 7 days after delivery. The SENDER will have up to 30 days to refund the value of the product to the PURCHASER or generate the discount card. Note: It is established that in all exchanges, all original product labels are inviolate.

3 – I received the reversal on my card, but the installments are still being charged on my invoice. Why am I still paying these installments?

Is this the procedure for credit card operators?! It's a little confusing, but we'll explain it to you.

The reversal is an electronic procedure that is nothing more than the recomposition of the credit that was used in the purchase, returning it to your card. This recomposition refers to the total value of the purchase entering the card only once. However, if your purchase was made in installments, these installments will continue to appear on the invoice normally, but the total amount will already have been refunded in full by Café Raiz.

4 – I made a purchase, paid with a bank slip, but I still haven't received my refund. What happened?

I think we know what your problem is! When the purchase is made with payment by bank slip, the MERCADO PAGO operator sends a form to the e-mail registered in the purchase so that the required data is filled in and the deposit is made in your account. Check your email inbox and spam, as you may have received the form in these two places. If you have not found this email, simply send an email to and the MERCADO PAGO operator will proceed with your refund.

5 - I just bought it, but I gave up on the purchase. Can I ask for cancellation?

Of course (: We are sorry for your cancellation request, but we can provide it, without problems. For this, it is necessary that you send us an email requesting the cancellation before the purchase is processed. To make it safer that cancellation, please send us an email within 24 hours of placing your order.

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