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Fruits of the Earth Kit - Microlot Uaine, Desert Rose and Chocolatudo

Fruits of the Earth Kit - Microlot Uaine, Desert Rose and Chocolatudo

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Get ready for an incredible coffee experience!

We present our Frutos da Terra Kit, bringing a unique journey for lovers of special coffee. 🌟☕️

Imagine the tempting aroma that rises from the cup, the first taste of a rich and full-bodied coffee that is Chocolatudo, followed by the fruity and invigorating explosion, reminiscent of tropical fruits and finishing with roses and pepper with our Desert Rose and also notes of wine, pomegranate and raspberry with our Uaine Microlot.

This is the experience that our selection will provide, adding a touch of sophistication to each sip.

Don't miss the opportunity to take your taste buds to a new level. Get the Fruits of the Earth Kit now

The Fruits of the Earth Kit Contains:
  • 1 Uaine Microlot Special Root Coffee
    Sensory Notes: Wine, fruity, caramel, raspberry and pomegranate
  • 1 Desert Rose Special Root Coffee
    Tropical fruits, chocolate, caramel, spices, roses and pepper
  • 1 Special Root Coffee Chocolatudo
    Sensory Notes: Chocolate, malt, tropical fruits and spices
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Leonardo Alvarenga


Jackson Lima


Iasmim Gomes
Amo 😍

Melhores cafés que já experimentei

Barista Meireles
Muito bom

Só tem cafezão!!!

Revista Café e Motivação
Muito bom